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6 Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damage restoration services Water damaged wall with mold.

In 2017, the total amount of insurance payouts for water damage was $13 billion, with the average claim costing around $10,000. The commonality of water damage means you need to know the signs of water damage so you don't end up paying a ridiculous amount of money.

Read on for six signs you may need water damage restoration services.

1. Stained Walls

The most common sign that you need water damage restoration services is discovering discolored walls or ceilings. This is not a sign of paint aging. You have water damage.

Water will dry between leaks leaving minerals and salt to leave a discolored look on the walls. If you have dark paint, stains can be less noticeable. Look for brown, yellow, green, or orange discoloration in this case.

You may find that your ceilings are the most common place you see discoloration. This does not mean stains cannot occur on the walls or floors too. Anywhere that has pipes, can cause discoloration from a leak.

2. Smelling Mold

If you sense a strong odor throughout the house and it reeks of mold, you have water damage. A water service restoration service should be called right away if you have a moldy smell.

If the smell comes from the walls, the room may feel damp too. Through water damage restoration, the smell can be eliminated by removing all of the excess water.

3. Warped Flooring

One of the most noticeable water damage signs is having warped flooring. When water gets into the subflooring, you will see and even feel it.

Depending on the material of your floor, it could rise or become uneven. Sometimes the floor will break away from the foundation and sink.

Water Damage Cleanup is needed to get under the flooring and remove all of the water.

4. Wall Damage

Wall damage is not the same as discoloration. A leaky pipe could lead to your wall peeling or bubbling up. Soft walls are a sign that there was recent water damage.

If you can visibly see damage on a wall from a leak, it is likely the leak has gone unnoticed for a long time. This means you will need immediate water damage restoration services.

5. Moldy Baseboards

Moisture building up in the home usually comes with mold. Baseboards on a wall could have subtle mold growth that means you have water damage.

Mold is uncommon in a room with windows unless there is water damage. If you spot a moldy baseboard, you can peel it back to see how much damage there is.

6. High Water Bill

If there is an unusual spike in your water bill, something could be wrong. If you are unsure why your bill has all of the sudden gone up, it may be worth it to get your pipes checked out.

Leaks can come from a lot of different places which makes them hard to find. Check the toilets, sinks, and the main water supply. These areas will affect the amount on your bill the most.

Get Water Damage Restoration Services Now

If you are experiencing any of these six issues within your home, you need to get water damage restoration services now. Getting a leak taken care of as soon as possible can save you from further damage on your walls, floors, and even furniture. Don't wait, call the professionals right away.

For more information on water damage restoration services, contact us today.

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