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Do You Have a Burst Pipe in Your Home?

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

Water flows out of a burst pipe You don't always know right away that you have a burst pipe. These are the signs that you may have a damaging leak in your home.

Many burst pipes in the winter are due to freezing, but pipes can leak from other causes, too, such as poor installation or aging. Just a trickle of water from a small hole can, over time, destroy drywall, ruin flooring and cause other damage that costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.

Stop the leak before it becomes a big, expensive problem by paying attention to these signs of a burst or leaking pipe.

Less Water Pressure

A sudden unexplained drop in pressure when you wash your hands, fill your sink or take a shower—or more clogs in your toilet or sinks—may mean you have a leak. If no water comes out of a faucet at all, you may have a frozen pipe.

Water Marks

A leaking pipe behind one of your walls can leave dampness on the drywall. Pipes that serve upstairs bathrooms or laundry rooms can leak down into the ceiling, leaving clear marks. These spots may tell you exactly where the leak is.

Standing Water

If a leak is big enough or goes on for some time, you may notice puddles, drips or gushing water coming out of the area. Follow the source of the water to determine where the leak is in the pipe. Outside, a break in the water main can cause a sinkhole or puddles in your yard near the source of the leak.

Water Discoloration and Odors

Brownish water may indicate your pipes have rust in them, which can create or result in leaks. Pay attention to a sudden water odor, too—a leak in your plumbing system can prevent sewage from being pushed out of your home, causing a stink.

Odd Sounds

If you notice bubbling and whistling sounds when you turn on a faucet, you might have or may be developing a leak. If you hear a dripping sound within your walls when you run the water, a leak may already have started.

Higher Water Bills

If your water usage hasn't changed, a sudden high bill could indicate a leak. If you notice your water meter seems to be running constantly even when you're not using water, suspect a leak, as well.

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