Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

You Never Know

Not long after a couple moved into an apartment, they decided to take down the wallpaper so that they could paint the walls. To their surprise they found the beginning stages of mold growing underneath where they wanted to paint. Finding more under all the other wallpaper in that room they immediately called SERVPRO of Bloomfield/Enfield to mitigate the damage so that they could continue sprucing up their new apartment which seems even newer now thanks to SERVPRO!

Fading Away?

These customers thought that their paint was just slowly fading away from being an old house. But when one of their friends had come over, they had informed the couple that it wasn’t what they thought, it was mold. They felt embarrassed that they failed to identify such a thing in their home. SERVPRO was very understanding to the situation and explained that it happens a lot, many people are oblivious to what mold actually looks like in a home until it may reach its further stages.

Cheap Properties

There is a reason why some properties are so cheap. After upsettingly purchasing a property this customer’s first concern was tackling the mold buildup in the walls. SERVPRO of Bloomfield/Enfield arrived immediately after the owner made the call that morning. They remediated the damage and did a great job renovating the walls and floors as requested by the customer as well.

Right Beneath Your Feet!

One of the last things people usually decide to replace is the floors, and floors are a very common place for mold to grow. Things get spilled all the time on floors and liquids can easily get underneath and sit there for days that turn into months and then years. When this mold was found SERVPRO came to the remediation rescue and restored the area to an even better condition!